Ms S Norris

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs J Hyde

Assistant Heads

Ms A Warren    Ms A Akhtar    Ms N Fowler

Foundation Stage

Mr S Woodward– Nursery Teacher

Mrs F Yusuf– Teaching Assistant

Miss N Jelane – Teaching assistant

Ms F Frempong – Reception Teacher

Mrs S Merchant – Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Adam – Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Basham – Welfare Assistant

Ms A Warren –Nursery/Reception Phase Teacher & SENDCo

Key Stage 1

Ms J Zoric – Year 1 Teacher

Ms S Noorgat – HLTA/Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Sunassee – Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Rawan – Teaching Assistant 

Ms T Sultana – Year 2 Teacher

Mrs J Crumlish – Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Salim – Phonics Specialist

Ms K Scanlan – HLTA/Year 1 and 2 Phase support

Key Stage 2

Mrs S Wallis – Year 3 Teacher

Ms N Emmanuel – Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mr R Langford – Year 4 Teacher

Mr E Okoro – Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Ms J Williams – Year 3/4 Phase Teacher

Ms K Smithers – Year 5 Teachers

Ms N Fowler – Year 6 Teacher

Mrs T Iqbal – Year 5/6 Teaching Assistant

Ms A Akhtar– Year 5/6 Phase Teacher & DSL

Mrs K Dhutti – Teaching Assistant

Administration Staff

Mrs S Achha – School Business Manager

Ms H Patel – Admissions, Attendance and Family Liaison Officer

Mrs Y Hussain – Administrative Officer

Catering Team

Mrs J Kaur Singh – Cook

Mrs S Momin – Cook’s Assistant

Mrs J Thanki

Cleaning Team

Mr S Spinks

Site Supervisor

Mr J Coetzee