Our governors represent many parts of the community. We have parent governors, community governors, staff governors and local authority governors.

Governors perform a critical role. Their responsibilities are varied. They help set the school’s budget, ratify school policies, agree staffing and curriculum matters and support the Head Teacher and staff in discharging their duties.

Each year the governing body selects an aspect of the school for a particular focus. They visit classes and meet with teachers to learn more about the school.

Members of our current governing body are listed below.

Name & Positions Governor Type

Term of Office

Pecuniary Interests

Ms Lynessa Peters
Governors forum representative
Authority Governor

Start Date 18/11/2011

End Date: 17/11/2019

Mr Paul Inman
Safeguarding Children;Vice Chair; Chair of Finance Committee
Co-opted Governor

Start Date 14/05/2014

End Date 13/05/2018

Mr Tim Potter
Chair, SDP, Standards, Quality of Teaching and School Status

Chair of Governors

Co-opted Governor

Start Date 14/05/2014

End Date 13/05/2018

Mr Tom Middlehurst
Chair of Curriculum, Behaviour assessment committee , SDP curriculum and assessment

Co-opted Governor Office ended
Miss Kate Butler
Looked After Children;
SDP Staff development
Co-opted Governor

Start Date 26/11/2014

End Date 25/11/2018

Miss Sarah Philips
Co-opted Governor

Start Date 26/11/2014

End Date 25/11/2018

Mrs Fern Bamford
Co-opted Governor

Start Date 22/05/2017

End Date 21/05/21

Ms Sally Norris
Headteacher (Member);NPW Authorised representative;

Start Date 18/01/2016

End Date

Mrs Nadiya Mohamed-Umer

Parent Governor

Start Date 01/09/2018

End Date

Mr Mikail Ahmed
Pupil Premium
Parent Governor

Start Date 03/11/2014

End Date 31/08/2018

Mrs Shazia Soogund-Lalloo
RE, SDP Maths mastery and reading
Parent Governor

Start Date 16/09/2015

End Date 15/09/2019

Ms Angela Warren
Teacher; Governors’ Training Link;
Staff Governor

Start Date 24/06/2016

End Date 14/10/2018

Mrs Jessica Hyde

Deputy Headteacher (Member)

Non Governor

Start Date 18/01/2016

End Date